A scenic route between west and east offering spectacular scenery and unique experiences.
Open May 21 to November 1.


For those not in a hurry

The Suleskar road runs from Rogaland county in Western Norway, winds its way through the Sirdal valley and across the Setesdalsheiene mountains in Agder county, before continuing east to Dalen in Vestfold & Telemark county. This part of Norway offers attractive experiences such as a pulsating city, authentic Norwegian culture and magnificent landscapes.

Fun and play for the whole family

Ride the merry-go-round, say hello to sheep along the road, take a dip in lakes and rivers and find a charming accommodation for the night. The Suleskar road will provide you with wonderful memories.

The fastest way from East to West

The shortest and fastest way between Oslo and Stavanger. Convenient for those in a hurry.