Beware of sheep on the road

In this region large flocks of sheep are transported to the mountain pastures in June. And in September, they return collectively to their home farms.

Driving on the Suleskar road, you have to be careful. Occasionally, sheep find a place to rest on the road shoulder or actually run along the road.

In such a situation you have slow down and pass the animals carefully. Do not stop to feed or cuddle  them. 

Serious animal sufferings can be prevented if accidents are notified. As a driver, you are obliged to report collisions, whether they involve domestic or wild animals.

Compensation for injured or killed animals are covered by your car insurance.

What to do in an animal collision: 

  • Stop the car and observe the animal.
  • If the animal has died, try to remove it from the road or set up a warning triangle.
  • If the animal is injured, assess the injury and try to notice where the animal goes. If injured, it will often lie down fairly quick. Do not follow it, as it can move on.
  • If there is no cell phone coverage, mark the site with e.g. a plastic bag, and report the accident once you have coverage. 
  • Report the accident to the livestock owner, the closest farm or the police (tel. 02800).
    Suleskarheia: v/Oftedal: +47 414 50 835 / +47 410 66 241

For those not in a hurry

The Suleskar road runs from Rogaland county in Western Norway, winds its way through the Sirdal valley and across the Setesdalsheiene mountains in Agder county, before continuing east to Dalen in Vestfold & Telemark county. This part of Norway offers attractive experiences such as a pulsating city, authentic Norwegian culture and magnificent landscapes.

Fun and play for the whole family

Ride the merry-go-round, say hello to sheep along the road, take a dip in lakes and rivers and find a charming accommodation for the night. The Suleskar road will provide you with wonderful memories.

The fastest way from East to West

The shortest and fastest way between Oslo and Stavanger. Convenient for those in a hurry.