Activity park by Svelavatnet

The park is located near the E39, right by Vikeså Veiservice, and offers a great view of Svelavatnet. It invites both children and adults to play and have fun.

The activity park by the beautiful Svelavatnet lake is located just 100 meters from the Esso Veiservice in Vikeså and offers a range of activitys for visitors. Among other things, you will find a 2.5-meter high climbing rock, gymnastic equipment, climbing frames, balance equipment, and a stone pyramid. For those who want a break from the activities, there are benches and tables that are perfect for relaxation. Additionally, you can swim or grill at the park. The park is free and always open, and is a great destination for both children and adults

Aktivitetspark ved Svelavatnet, Vikeså sentrum
4389 Vikeså