Ålgård town center

The new town centre in Ålgård is a re-development of a previous industrial area, next to the old train station and locomotive shed. It is a now an exciting outdoor space for people of all ages and ability. In the canal park you can relax on the sandy beach and go for a swim or a paddle in the canal. Along the canal there are paths, bridges, and hopping stones. There are also wheelchair accessible paths on the water’s edge, so that everyone can get close to the water.

The kid’s activity area is between the canal and the town square. Here there is a 90-metre-long bench snaking its way around the space, bouncy hopping stones, artificial puddles and a brook. The activity park for teenagers has a skate ramp, climbing wall and trampoline.

The town square has a large public artwork – patterns of different coloured bricks laid into the ground.

The work is by artist duo Løvaas & Wagle and is made up of weaving patterns, that were woven in the nearby mill (Veveriet).

4330 Ålgård
(+47) 51 61 49 40