Dorgefoss waterfall

Dorgefoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region Vest Agder (Norway) located near Handeland in Sirdal.

Driving from Tonstad to Ovre Sirdal on Rv468, you cross a bridge over the river Sira. There is parking on the left handside after the bridge and a man-made wooden platform/viewpoint of the waterfall.

It is a popular picnic area in the summer with information boards and trails. Next to the picnic area is a 3200kg rock named ‘Håvardsteinen’. The gigantic rock was moved by Håvard Valevatn, a very strong man from Sirdal during construction of the first road at Dorgefoss waterfall.

Another old tale from Sirdal describes how prisoners with a death sentence were given a last chance to save themselves, by jumping over the Dorgefoss waterfall. If they made it they were free, if not, the fall down the waterfall would fulfill the death sentence.

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