FN - Park

The park is a memorial to soldiers from Rogaland who have fallen in service for the United Nations. The park is located near E39, right next to Vikeså Road Service.

The first Norwegian soldier to die in a UN operation was from Bjerkreim. Annbjørn Gjedrem was stabbed while on guard duty as a soldier in DanNor IV. On UN Day in 1994, former UN Ambassador Ole Ålgård unveiled the memorial monument, which was erected by the Rogaland UN Veterans Association. In 2005, eight miniature monuments were erected for the others from Rogaland who have lost their lives in UN service. The monument, erected as a memorial, has a beautiful view of Lake Svelavatnet. Next to the park is an activity park for children and adults with a great view of Lake Svelavatnet.

4389 Vikeså