Hiking Trails and Mountain Peaks in Bjerkreim

Bjerkreim has 420 km of marked hiking trails, both easy and more challenging.

Here are some recommended hikes in Bjerkreim municipality:

Galtadalen near Ørsdalsvatnet - take off from E39 at Gjedrem and follow the road to the innermost farm where you can park. The hike goes over a pass and there is a bit of uphill and downhill in both directions, but it is an easy hike that takes about half an hour. Nice beach at Ørsdalsvatnet for swimming.

Mjåvassknuten in Ørsdalen - parking at Hovland in Ørsdalen. The hike starts with a suspension bridge and then a steep ascent of about 4.5 km before flattening out and going into the marshes. The last ascent is about 4.9 km before reaching the cairn on Mjåvassknuten. Great views. Return goes down to the crossroads and follows the path to the right towards Vassbø, passing Holmvatnet and towards Juvvatnet. Back to the parking lot at Ørsdalen mines. Challenging hike.

Skykula at 906 meters above sea level - the highest peak between Ørsdalen and Gyadalen. Starting point from the parking lot at Skineldvatnet about 15 km from Bjerkreim center. Toll road to the facility at the top of Skykula. Challenging hike that is usually a winter destination.

Solbjørgnipa - a 466 m high mountain top northwest of the farm at Solbjørg. At the top is a cairn that was set up by a sailor as a sailing mark for seafarers. Fantastic views far out to sea and over large parts of Eigersund, Jæren, and Bjerkreim. Parking at Solbjørg farm or at Kløgetvedttunet.

Svartaknuten at Storrsheia - from Storrsheia up to Svartaknuten, down to Svela. Slightly rugged terrain and many hills, but no climbing. Shortest to walk from Storrsheia, but well marked and nice to walk both from Svela and Litle Svela. Parking at the farm or at Svela.

Vinjakula - with its 907 meters, this is the highest peak in Bjerkreim and is located in the northern part of the Magma Geopark. The hike starts from Veen, which is located on a flat and lush area between two lakes. Challenging hike.

You can download hiking maps for free from Bjerkreim municipality's website, and parking is facilitated with the help of positive landowners. Be aware of grazing animals and be considerate of them.