A varied and popular hike to Fidjeland summit. At 1,209 metres above sea level, the mountains summit offers spectacular 360° degree views of the surrounding moorlands and Lake Valevatn. When you reach the summit you may even catch a glimpse of wild reindeer, elk or various moorland birds.

The hike starts at the Fidjeland ski lift and follows it almost to the top before it turns left and you pass Lake Svartopstjødna. Between masts 7 and 8, turn left (northern direction) on a sheep path with winter marking rods. It is steep, and you have to calculate about 30 minutes on the first 300 meters of ascent. After about 10 minutes, the path crosses a stream and from here the path follows the right side of the stream upwards in a north-easternly direction. After another 10 minutes you come to Lake Svartopstjødna on the right hand side. From here you can see the tower at the top of Hilleknuten, and the path turns again to the north (left), up the mountainside, and then goes through a narrow gorge. At the top of the gorge, turn right north-east over a stone plateau and past a small lake on your right. From here, all that remains is to climb the last meters to the top,

From Hilleknuten you can continue to hike down to Jogledalen. This is a longer route, but not as steep.

About the hike:

Grade: Suitable for hikers with good endurance.

Length: 12km

Season: May til October