Large reservoirs are required for operating the power stations along the river Otra in a carefully planned and efficient manner.
The Sarvsfossen Dam is the most recent development project in the Otra waterway system. It is located just outside the centre of Bykle. Follow the signs from RV 9. There is a road across the dam and good parking facilities.
The dam is 50 metres high and has a length of 150 metres. It raises the water level in the Sarvsjuvet canyon with 40 metres.

The reservoir of the Sarvsfossen Dam has a storage capacity of approximately 600 000 cubic metres of water. With normal inflow, the filling time is 14 hours.
Once a year, on the last Saturday in August, a planned filling of the reservoir takes place. An overflow is created, "returning" the waterfall to the Sarvsjuvet canyon. This may also happen naturally during periods of excessive snowmelt with heavy water inflow. A truly amazing sight.
It is also interesting to study the dam construction with concrete blocks. We would also like to point out the curved shape of the structure, which distributes the forces from the water to the mountainside on either side of the dam.
The reservoir supplies water to the Skarg Power Station, which has a production capacity of 70 million kWh electric power, corresponding to the power consumption of approx. 3500 private homes.

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