Sirdal fjellmuseum

At Sirdal Fjellmuseum there is a collection of buildings dating from the 1770s. These include school houses, farmhouses and a hunting lodge. The hunting lodge was once owned by Thorvald Meyer Heiberg, a property developer and founder of ‘Det Norsk Skogselskap’. He acquired large tracts of land on the heaths of Sirdal, Setesdal and Lyse, which he divided up into hunting grounds and rented out to English nobles.

In olden times due to the lack of doctors and modern medicines, people in Sirdal would use local plants to treat injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge has been forgotten over the years. But, through the medicine herb garden, Sirdal Fjellmuseum has tried to find its way back to understanding the medicinal affects of the local herbs. The garden can be found at the back of the main builing of the musuem.

In addition to the exhibition, there are various locally produced handicrafts, books about Sirdal and souvenirs available.

Sigbjørn K. hus & hage (Tonstad), og Fotomuseum T. Dahl (Øksendal), part of the Sirdal Fjellmuseum heritage can be found at two separate locations in Sirdal. These sites are open upon request with the museum curator.

Opening times vary – see Sirdal kommune website.