Storafjell Shelter

After 500 meters of ascent and about an hour's hike, you will reach the top of Storafjellet. Spectacular views and the opportunity to brew coffee.

Vikeså has a new hiking destination in the center, "Gapahuk Storafjellet," which is not actually a shelter but a hut open to everyone. Built by local enthusiasts on a peak in the center of Vikeså, 500 meters above sea level. Spectacular views and the opportunity to brew coffee on the wood stove when you reach the top. Several possible hiking trails up, steep but well-prepared. Ladders and stairs are bolted to the steepest sections. Parking, for example, at Storafjell Barnehage, at the top of the Tjødnaråsen residential area near Lauvtjødna, or at Skjæveland. All trails are well-marked. The terrain is moderately challenging, and the walking time is just under an hour if you start at Storafjell Barnehage.

Vikeså sentrum
4389 Vikeså