Uburhedlaren is a cave located on the southside of Oltedal, in Gjesdal county. The cave was formed when a large boulder came to rest on top of other rocks. The boulder forming the “roof” is about 30 metres long and 12 to 15 metres wide and it has a thickness of 7-8 metres. The cave under the stone is about 150 m2, with varying height.

The cave was a hiding place for people who lived in Oltedal, during the Second World War. 80 people hid there for 3 days, from the 9th of April 1940, when the area came under attack from German forces.

Today it is a hiking destination. The path up to it is steep and challenging. It is a 3,3 km round trip from the nearest carpark, behind the Lafthus in Oltedal.