Bykle kyrkje

The old Bykle Church is the oldest and most distinctive chhurch building in the Setesdal valley.

As early as in 1327 the church in Bykle, »Eccl. de Buglum« had been registered in the pope's annals. We do not know when the church was built, but it often took some time before a new church, especially a church located this far north, was registered by the pope. There might have been a church located here as early as in 13th century, or even earlier. The outline of a large burial mound indicates that the church is built on an old, heathen, cultic site.

The church is constructed of logs, and has been restored several times. The church with altar was decorated with traditional Norwegian rose painting by Aslak Wasshus and K.Å. Byklum.

Daily open for visitors in the period end of June to mid August, 11:00 - 17:00.


Kyrkjevegen 12
4754 Bykle
(+47) 37 93 93 70