Dalen Hotel

Dalen Hotel is one of the few original Swiss style hotels. It was completed in 1894 with a magnificent foyer and dining room. Dalen Hotel, known as the fairytale hotel from 1894, in sumptuous, romantic style with dragon heads, towers and spiers, balconies, springs and cornices.

Combining a visit to Dalen Hotel with a voyage on the Telemark Canal with one of the veteran ships M / S Henrik Ibsen or M / S Victoria, is a unique cultural-historical journey back in time with modern service and comfort.

The flow of tourists to Dalen was great as early as 1800 number due to the Telemark Canal, but Dalen lacked a luxury hotel for the rich and prominent guests. Inspired by stave churches and the Viking Age, the hotel was built in 1894. The hotel became known throughout Europe and the English aristocracy came here. King Oscar II was a guest here, as were Emperor Wilhelm of Germany and King Leopold II of Belgium. King Haakon VII and Queen Maud also came here with the then Crown Prince Olav.

During World War II, the Germans took over the hotel, and the interior was removed while the buildings fell into disrepair.

The preacher Aage Samuelsen had faith in the future of the hotel. He bought it, but did not succeed in raising capital for the restoration of the buildings. But he gave the hotel a lot of attention and PR.

In the late 1980s, restoration was started and in 1992 the hotel reopened. In 2000, the hotel received the conservation organization Europa Nostra's highest award - a silver medal - for preserving the hotel as a unique cultural monument. Dalen Hotel has also been awarded Olavsrosa as a lighthouse in the Norwegian Cultural Heritage's product range. Holders of the quality brand Olavsrosa have a strong profile in the dissemination of Norwegian cultural heritage. The motto "Olavsrosa - our best experiences" places high demands on product quality and maintenance of this quality.  The National Heritage Board has described Dalen Hotel as the most powerful, magnificent and best-preserved of all the old Swiss hotels.

After recent years' upgrades and renovations, the hotel and the Telemark Canal have regained their position as one of Norway's most unique tourist attractions, and now experience a large influx of visitors from home and abroad.